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Denver Powder Brows

Changing the world one face at a time

Denver Permanent Makeup


Eliminate the need for daily makeup application.

  • You don't have time

  • It never comes out right!

  • Your just over it!

Getting Permanent Makeup is different for everyone...

Having something done to our face, like brows, is not only about not having to wear makeup everyday. 

  • It can be that boost of confidence!

  • How about the jump start to rebuild your self esteem?

  • Simply regain control of something you think you may have lost?

Powder Brows

So what is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing (also known as micropigmentation), in which your facial features are enhanced by way of either a hand tool or machine, that are used to implant a cosmetic color into the dermis layer of the skin.

Denver Microblading


The perfect way to get fuller natural looking eyebrows...

Denver Powder Brows


A great technique that is used to achieve a soft powder effect as if you had filled them in with makeup.

Denver Combo Brows


Honestly the best of both worlds! Why settle when you can combine both looks.

Denver Lip Blush


Enhance the natural shape of your lips by giving them that boost of vitality and color.

Denver Eyeliner


Smudge proof eyeliner that last for years!..

Denver Eyelash Extensions


Offering a variety of options for  eyelash extensions, that are tailored to your wants and needs....


My Story

Helping you become the best version of yourself is always my goal!

Hi I am Angelica! It makes me so happy that you took the time to visit my page!

Let's get to know each other, I'll start! I started in this industry as a manicurist in 2003, after a while of working in a salon environment, I decided that more than nails was for me so I went back to school in 2007 and got licensed as a Cosmetologist, fast forward to 2020 this is now my 3rd business in this industry. One in Chihuahua, Mexico and 2 here in the states! It's crazy how we think one business is hard enough to start and this is my 3rd!!

I provide all of the services that you see and I have been trained and certified in all Permanent Makeup Services since 2012. I also currently hold 3 Microblading certifications as well as a certification in permanent makeup removal and  the latest modern trend of lip blushing.

I am also fluent in spanish an take pride in serving my community. My mission is to help you create the best version of yourself.

At Bella Bossez I am always updating my self with education and training. I take pride in saying that I use quality, professional, state approved products to provide you with the best service always with the client in mind.

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