Brows & Everything Permanent Makeup


$400 (includes your initial visit and one touch up 4-6 week later)

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves creating hair-like strokes along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows.

Ombre or Powder Brow


Ombre or Powder Brow is a semi-permanent  make-up procedure, where pigment is inserted into the top layers of the skin using either a digital permanent make-up machine or a hand tool.

Eyeliner (upper or lower)


With a permanent make-up machine or a hand tool we achieve the look of freshly applied eyeliner.


Eyelash Enhancement


This technique similar to eyeliner involves only making the lash line darker to give the appearance of thicker, darker eyelashes.

Full Lips


This procedure involves implanting pigment into layers of the lips to enhance, correct the color or shape of your lips. Please be aware this is not a one time procedure 3-4 visits must be scheduled in order to obtain the color desired no later than 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure.

Full lip touch up (current clients only)


*for touch-ups please contact me (720) 280-9341



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